War Loan Fund

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War Loan Fund




Height: 163mm
Width: 99mm


War Loan Fund card, Metropolitan Borough of Stoke Newington Belonging to J.O.Barton
Between 1914 and 1919, the British public were asked to fund the country's war efforts with their savings. They bought up bonds by the millions, called War Loans, as the government went cap in hand to the people to fund the hugely expensive cost of battle.

Production place

Stoke Newington


Front of Card:
No. 34
Metropolitan Borough of Stoke Newington, War Loan Fund.
Anyone finding this Card will oblige by returning it to The Town Hall Milton Road.
No Money received without this card.
Back of Card:
a) The weekly payments must be completed not later than January 31st, 1919.
b) Contributors will be entitled to transfer of the stock for when (and not before) their payments have been completed in full, together with payment in cash of dividends earned, which, if the instalments have been regularly paid, should amount to about 5/- for every £5 of stock. Payment in full may, if desired by any applicant, be made before the above date.
c) In the event of any contributor being unable to keep up his instalments, the mount already paid will be refunded without interest, and less any loss involved in the fund.
Payments may be made to Mr. C. L. Strike, at the Town Hall; Mr. Geo. Preece, at the Public Library, Church Street; during the usual business hours or at the Mayor’s business premises, 149, High Street, on Saturday evenings ONLY between 6.30 and 8 o’clock.

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