Flag, Stoke Newington National Reserve

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Flag, Stoke Newington National Reserve

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National flag of the United Kingdom (or 'Union Jack'), believed to have been used by the Stoke Newington National Reserve. It was found with 2014.113.

The National Reserve movement was launched in 1911, and sought out former soldiers who would constitute a force that could be quickly added to the Army in time of need. The Stoke Newington scheme was inaugerated in December 1913 by the then Mayor of the Borough, Alderman H.J.Ormond. At that time there were already nearly 600 members in the borough and Ormond proposed that they be given a local headquarters. This eventually was provided in Albion Grove, together with a rifle range.

The National Reserve was a register of trained officers and men who had no further obligation for military service. Its purpose was to enable an increase in military resources in the event of imminent national danger. The register was maintained by the County Associations that also organised the Territorial Force and they would frame their own rules for organising the reserve within their area.

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Stoke Newington

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Stoke Newington National Reserve

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