"Democracy in Crisis!"

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Information Brochure


"Democracy in Crisis!"




Height: 212mm
Width: 297mm


A folding out political leaflet, "Democracy in Crisis", about changes to the voting system in Hackney. "The HOPE not hate campain mobilises everyone against the politics of hate".

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Democracy In Crisis!
43,774 Hackney voters are going to be removed from the electoral register on 1 December.
Almost one in four voters will not be able to vote in future elections. They will also be denied a say in the European referendum.
Many of the missing voters will be renting in the private sector.
They will be disproportionately be from ethnic minority communities.
Students and young people will be particularly hard hit.
HOPE not hate is working with local Hackney groups to deliver community based voter registration drives. Hackney needs its voice, sign up here: www.hopenothate.org.uk/vrdrive/

Our Britain tolerance, fairness and decency. Not theirs racism, division and hatred.
Join the movement for hope
The HOPE not hate campaign mobilises everyone against the politics of hate. It has the support of the Daily Mirror, trade unions, celebrities and community groups across the country.
If you reject the politics of hate then please get involved.
Whatever the time you can give, there is something for you to do. Together we can make sure that HOPE triumphs over hate.
To get involved please visit our website or email us at office@hopenothate.org.uk

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