Handbill: Testament

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image w2016-82a testament black audio film collective
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Handbill: Testament

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Height: 151mm


A two-sided card handbill for screenings of the film 'Testament' by the Black Audio Film Collective. The colour image on the front shows four children and a woman. The reverse shoes a black and white image of an empty room.

The Black Audio Film Collective was formed in Hackney, London in 1982 by John Akomfrah, Reece Auguiste, Edward George, Lina Gopaul, Avril Johnson, David Lawson and Trevor Mathison. The emergence of the group coincided with the racial repositioning of the black presence in British public life in the early 80s.

Testament is a film about an exiled Ghanaian politician who returns to Ghana two decades after the 1966 coup. It explores the themes of diaspora, memory and political struggle.



A Black Audio Film Collective Production

‘The War Zone of Memories’

Abena is a television presenter. In 1966 she left Ghana for England after a military coup. She vowed never to return. In 1987 Abena left England for Ghana with a small television crew. Only the power of myth could bring her back.

Black Audio Film Collective are a London based film workshop. Formed in 1983, BAFC’s key priority has been the development of black independent film culture in Britain. BAFC’s past productions include ‘Expeditions’ and the award winning documentary ‘Handsworth Songs’.

[Reverse: A list of screenings at Auditorium JL Bory, Salle Miramar, MJC Studio & Avenue Doctor Pecaud]

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