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Hat Africa Inspired

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Width: 180mm
Depth: 260mm
Height: 115mm


Black, white, purple and yellow hat. The outside side of the upper part is black with a grey front logo and a black strap on the back side. The top button has a design with white and purple colours and the eyelets are white. The inside part is black, white and grey and It has five white strips with a white, green and red logo.
The visor has a purple, white and yellow design on both the outside and the inside. On the centre of the outside part there is a yellow sticker withc AI in capital letters and the map of Africa as a background, all in black. The edge of the sticker is black and the words Africa Inspired Certified repeated three times in yellow.
Tobias Drummonds is one of the many fashion designers now working in Hackney. He loved African textiles but felt too distant to African culture to be able to wear the traditional vibrant patterns and colours. These hats are from his online boutique Africa inspired selling luxury fashion accessories. They use symbols from West African clothing as a subtle way to celebrate culture as part of modern British style.


Africa Inspired. Certified

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