Oral History Interview - Apostle Ben Kaye

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Oral History Interview - Apostle Ben Kaye

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Audio recording of an oral history interview with Apostle Ben Kaye, born 1964 in Cape Coast, Ghana.

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Photograph - copyright Emma Davies


Extract of interview with Apostle Ben Kaye:

"One amazing thing is that we were able to establish this Ministry not from inside the walls of the Church but from Hackney Marshes. For me Hackney is a very important place in everything that we have been able to achieve. The calling came to me whilst I was in the field on Hackney Marshes. The Lord opened my eyes. He is the root cause of all the work we do here, the flexibility that exists around this Hackney. We started this ministry from the field. We had nothing; we were praying. Where else in the world would it be possible to get down in the field and pray without interference?

Once I remember the police came with helicopters to see what was happening in the dark there and when they saw we were praying they just said to carry on with the good work.

So if you come here and you are serious and know exactly what you want to do, then Hackney is a place full of avenues and opportunities.

People call me God’s General because what we do here is tough. We always have to be in prayer to sustain the power of God to help people. That is the mandate God has given us and we have to fulfil it. I could not have done that if I had not been in Hackney, on the Marshes for two and a half years, in all weathers, wind and snow, late into the night, praying, praying, praying.

I cannot leave the commitment God has given me. God led me to the field. I cannot leave Hackney without the leading of the Lord. It is a serious task the Lord has given us to do and we must do it. We must always be led by the Lord and when a man walks in this way there is nothing he cannot do."

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