Oral History Interview - Mr Nadaf

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Oral History Interview - Mr Nadaf

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Audio recording of an oral history interview with Mr Nadaf.

At the time of the interview, Mr Nadaf was the chair of the Asian Elderly Luncheon and Social Club, based in Newington Green.


[00.07.34 - 00.09.14] The role of the Asian Club is, Mr Abu Siddiqui started this club in 1990 because there were so many other clubs, like clubs for Turkish people, Chinese people, all the ethnic communities but there was no club for Asian elderly people. So he started. The main purpose was to help the Asian elderly people who are lonely, who are on their own, to come and socialise and have a good meal on a Saturday afternoon.

We provide a seven course lunch which consists of tandoori chicken, dahl and vegetable curry and rice and chapattis and salad and some sweet. It is cooked by professional Indian ladies. Actually they are from Bangladesh and some are from South India and some are from Bombay. And we provide a beautifully cooked meal on a Saturday afternoon.

It is mainly meant for Asian elderly people but it is not restricted. As long as they are elderly and they live in the boroughs of Hackney and Islington. Because this club is funded by these two councils so we have no objection. We are a club [?] in globalisation of all ethnic minorities. Yes. We [?] no distinction between race, religion, caste or creed. We are one. We are one club.

[00.10.00 - 00.10.12] We help them with any benefits, any sickness or if they've got any problems, social, housing, you name it and we try to solve them and make [them] feel at home.

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