Admiral Ken Sound System

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Admiral Ken Sound System

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Photograph by Dennis Morris entitled 'Admiral Ken Sound System', taken on Club Row, Shoreditch.

“The Blues Dance was vital to the community. People met in each other’s houses. Each area had its own sound system hero. In Hackney we had ‘Admiral Ken’... Admiral Ken is pictured in the foreground with his ‘boxmen’. They loaded and unloaded the speaker boxes and amps. The man on the far left is Dennis Andries who went on to become world light heavy-weight champion in 1986; the only Brit to face the Hit-man.” - Dennis Morris

The man 2nd from left is 'Henry', a DJ who lived on Palatine Road. He lived with the man to his right, Frederick Howell, who rapped as part of the set.

Mr Ken Edwards, or 'Admiral Ken', was a nightclub owner/producer who owned venues around Hackney, including the Palace Pavilion. The four men used to perform together, at venues including the Four Aces and Hackney Town Hall.

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