Blood Brothers

image w2010-16a dennis morris blood brothers
image w2010-16a dennis morris blood brothers


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Blood Brothers

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Photograph by Dennis Morris entitled 'Blood Brothers', taken in Hackney.

Text from ‘Growing Up Black’ Exhibition:

“We went from being called ‘coloured’ to ‘Black ’. There were several significant events which were very influential on my generation. One was the television series, ‘Roots’. This was the first time we as young kids had been exposed to our history. It was captivating and inspiring. Suddenly we had an identity, a history, a belonging. Then came the ‘Shaft’ and ‘Superfly’ movies. We now had our heroes and anti-heroes. It was an inspiring period for me. This is when I discovered the work of Gordon Parks who was the first Black photographer to work for Time Life magazine. There was also Ebony magazine. Through these influences, I started taking different photos of my friends and surroundings. I began to see differently. My photos started to show Black strength, pride, style, cool.” – Dennis Morris

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©Dennis Morris

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