Numerous animals with Orpheus

image CH 1996.37
image CH 1996.37




Numerous animals with Orpheus




width (Picture (frame internal)): 28.75cm
height (Picture (frame internal)): 21.25cm


Oil Painting of Numerous Animals with Orpheus.

From the collection of Alexander Chalmers.

Production person

Savery, Roelandt

Production person note

Savery was born in Courtrai, Belgium in 1576 to a family of painters. His father was Jakob Savery the Elder, and he was instructed in painting by his brother, Jakob Savery the Younger. Roelandt Savery visited France and was employed in the royal palaces by the King Henry IV. Later, he was invited to the court of Prague by Rudolph II, and spent many years in service there. The Emperor sent him on a journey through Tyrol, on which he made numerous studies which he was to use in his later works. After the Emperor’s death, Savery settled in Utrecht, and died in 1639. Works by Savery hang in the National Gallery, the Royal museum at Amsterdam, Dresden Gallery, and Munich Pinakothek.

Object number

CH 1996.37

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