A Panoramic View of London from Denmark Hill

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A Panoramic View of London from Denmark Hill




height: 60cm
width: 90cm


Landscape painting with lawns, paths, trees and borders in the foreground. Two ladies stroll with parasols. Just visible in the background beyond the trees is the built-up area of the city.

Production person

Alexander Nasmyth

Production person note

Alexander Nasmyth was part of a large family of Scottish portrait and landscape painters. Alexander himself was regarded as the founder of Scottish landscape painting. He was influenced by Claude and the Dutch Italianate painters, and was a pupil of Allan Ramsay from 1774, working with him in London. He returned to Edinburgh in 1778 and painted portraits and conversation pieces. He became an original member of the Society of Scottish Artists and an associate of the Royal Institution.

Between 1782 and 1785 Nasmyth was in Rome and became interested in landscape and made drawings which he used in his work for the rest of his life. He also developed an interest in historical painting and portraiture, and in the 1780’s painted a portrait of the poet Robert Burns which hangs in the National Gallery in Scotland and a replica of which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London. His other claim to fame was that he designed the “bow and string” bridge used at Charing Cross and Birmingham Stations.
Nasmyth taught successfully, and exhibited landscapes at the Royal Academy from 1813 - 1826.

In 1822 he published sixteen views of places described in the Waverly Novels. He died in Edinburgh on April 10, 1840. Today his work is at the National Gallery, the Glasgow Art Gallery, and the National Gallery of Scotland.

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CH 1996.24

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