Cattle drinking at a river's edge

image CH 1996.18




Cattle drinking at a river's edge




Height (Picture (frame internal)): 39.5cm
Width (Picture (frame internal)): 59.5cm
Height (Whole): 58cm
Width (Whole): 79cm


'Cattle drinking at a river's edge' by Aelbert Cuyp

Production person

Aelbert Cuyp

Production person note

Cuyp was a versatile artist, painting landscapes, animals, sea-pieces, and portraits. He was born in Dordrecht, the son of Jacob Gerritz Cuyp, who gave him preliminary instruction in art. His name does not appear in the Guild records, thus it is thought that Cuyp may have been only an amateur painter. Nonetheless, he was quite prolific. He was influenced by Goyen and Van Ruysendael and studied nature diligently, developing a lovely simple style which earned him much admiration. The charm of his work is the representation of nature in all its forms, which was regarded as perfect by his contemporaries. He is also known for his sea-pieces and river-views with boats, winter scenes, bird and horse-show pictures, depictions of cavalry skirmishes, portraits, and still lifes. This range of work earned him the reputation of being the most universal painter of his school. The majority of his works are in England, where he was first and most appreciated. His paintings hang at: Amsterdam Gallery, Antwerp Gallery, Berlin Museum, Brussels Museum, Copenhagen Museum, Darmstadt Museum, Dresden Gallery, Dublin National Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Frankfort Stadel, Hague Gallery, National Gallery - London, Bridgewater House, Buckingham Palace, Bedford Collection, Holford Collection, Wallace Collection, Munich Pinakothek, the Louvre, the Hermitage, and the Rotterdam Museum.

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CH 1996.18

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