A storm off the coast with men-o'war and fishing boats

image CH 1996.14




A storm off the coast with men-o'war and fishing boats




height: 55cm
width: 65cm


An atmospheric seascape painting with a dramatic storm sky. Choppy waves show in the foreground and the naval ship and fishing boats and dramatic angles with their sails blown out.

From the collection of Alexander Chalmers.

Production person

Ludolf Bakhuyzen

Production person note

Ludolf Bakhuyzen was born in Emden in 1631. He earned a considerable reputation as one of the foremost marine painters of his time. The paintings are usually rather dark in coloration, skilfully executed, and manifest a very effective and lively representation of the swelling and crashing of waves. Towards the end of his life, he did etchings and engravings of marine views and shipping around Amsterdam. He died in Amsterdam in 1708. His works hang in many venues across Europe: the National Gallery, London; the Maritime Museum; Dulwich Picture Gallery; the Wallace Collection; Amsterdam Museum; Berlin Museum; Brussels Museum; Copenhagen Gallery; the Pitti Palace, Florence; Stadel, Frankfort; Hague Gallery; the Louvre; Hermitage, St. Petersburg; and the Vienna Gallery.

Object number

CH 1996.14

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