Token - Sir Jeffery Dunstan Mayor of Garrat

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Token - Sir Jeffery Dunstan Mayor of Garrat

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Diameter: 31mm
Depth: 2mm


Bronze alloy token advertising the Curiosity House of Thomas Hall, Taxidermist. Stamped both sides. One side depicts Jeffrey Dunstan.

‘Sir’ Jeffrey Dunstan (1759-1796) was a well-known second hand wig seller in London elected as the Mayor of Garrat. His jokes on the corruptions of men in office led to him being imprisoned in 1793 for sedition. Dunstan ended died in poverty in Bethnal Green.

Dunstan was a dwarf, often described as ‘deformed’ as a result of their disproportionately large head and knock-knees (genu valgum), both of which are depicted on this token.

He appeared on this trade token issued by Thomas Hall, Taxidermist of City Road Finsbury. The tokens were issued in 1795 in connection with Halls trade as a taxidermist and his exhibition of stuffed animals at his home in City Road dubbed the Finsbury Museum. The tokens commemorated the fact that Hall had previously employed Dunstan to promote his exhibits at the Bartholomew Fair.


Sir Jeffery Dunstan Mayor of Garrat
Curiosity House

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