Campaign badges

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Campaign badges

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height (Whole): 4mm
diameter (whole): 28mm


These badges were made to support a number of seperate campaigns, from anti-smoking to Pink Fluffy Bunnies Against the Nazis.

The pink badge on the top left protests at the suspension of Dr. Wendy Savage from the London Hospital in 1985 following allegations of clinical incompetence in her obstetric work. The resulting high-profile inquiry brought public and professional support for Savage, who was later cleared of the charges and reinstated.

Hackney Health Emergency was a campaigning group set up by the Trades Council, the Community Health Council and the Borough Council in response to the planned closures of St Matthews Hospital, St Johns Hospital, St Leonards Hospital, the German Hospital and the Mothers hospital (see also 1991.15 and 1994.12).


1. Pink Fluffy Bunnies Against the Nazis
2. Nurses for Unity in the Community
3. I Love Hackney
5 Hackney Health Emergency
6 Poll Tax
7 I Love the NHS
8 Wendy is best Investigate the rest
9 You Smoke - I Choke
10 Labour Abortion Rights Campaign Defeat Benyon's Bill

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