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45rpm vinyl records




1 Girls in Dub 2 Michael Jackson Ain't no sunshine 3 Morning Star International 4 Record sleeve Marvin Gaye


Fat Man Records

Marketed by
Fat Man Records
Published by Ken Songs

Side A
© 2002
Made in England

Jamaican Girls
(Patrick Alley)

Side B

Girls In Dub


Made in Gt. Britain
Tamla Motown
Trade mark of Motown Record Corporation

45 R.P.M
TMG 826

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved

United Artists Music MCPS, NCB
YTMG 826 ℗ 1972

Ain't No Sunshine
Michael Jackson
(arranged The Corporation - Eddy Manson)
Exec. Producer B.G

E.M.I Records Limited


I've Got A Friend

Hot Shot
Hit Shot

Bobby Annette

Morning Star International

Distributed by
Morning Star Int.
P O Box 34118
London NW10 1ZJ

Side A
45 RPM
MSI 001 A

John Rubie Mus[ic] 2004

I've [Got A Fri]end

Written by Harold Davis
Bobby & Annette Sensation
Producer: Horace Williams
Executive Producers: Horace Williams & John Rubie

Side AA
45 RPM
MSI 001 AA
John Rubie Mu[sic] 2004

Writer/Artist Jah Buzz
Producer: Horace Williams
Executive Producers: Horace Williams & John Rubie


Marvin Gaye

Record 1
a) Sanctified Lady* 3.59
b) Sanctified Lady* 3.59 (Instrumental Version)
* Taken from the forthcoming album/cassette "Dream of a Lifetime" CBS 26239
Produced by Marvin Gaye, Gordon Banks and Harvey Fuqua
Executive Producer: Larkin Arnold

a) Sexual Healing 3.59
b) Rockin' After Midnight 6.03
Both tracks taken from the "Midnight Love" album/cassette, CBS 85977
Produced by Marvin Gaye
Executive Producer: Larkin Arnold

".....Marvin Gaye was not just a 'soul musician' but a musician who brought something unique to music - a gift that can never be surpassed." NME 7th April 1984

Inner photos taken from the Marvin Gaye story book by Sharon Davis on Proteus Books


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